What is FocusBLUE?

FocusBLUE is a centralized event calendar and campaign organizing tool designed to realize Progressive and Democratic objectives. It aligns political events directly with local elected officials and offices in accordance with the Indivisible Guide framework.

Our goal is to establish a dense network of in-district supporters and activists to help Get Out The Vote for Democrats in 2018

Voters, activists, and volunteers are coordinated with candidates, campaigns, and causes based on political districts and geography at the federal, state, county, and city levels. Targets of opportunity are supported all the way from School Board to U.S. President. Our online service brings together political action events and individuals from all over the internet and puts them in your hands, giving you the ability to manage them by time, place, and category.

FocusBLUE is completely FREE, contains no ads, and is 100% devoted to Progressive and Democratic causes.

Post an Event

Enter a URL for a published Resistance event and, once approved, it will be re-broadcast to the FocusBLUE network for users in the same geographic area:

NOTE: Read about submitting private events for closed groups

 Submitting Private Events for Closed Groups

You may feel free to submit the full details of private events that were originally published in closed Facebook, Meetup, or other group sites. The location of private events will be hidden from the public on the FocusBLUE network consistent with the same level of visibility shown in the original event website. If the original website hides more details other than event location (like title, description, date, or time), then the event will not be displayed at all in FocusBLUE. Every submitted event requires a FocusBLUE Moderator's approval to verify its legitimacy and ensure an appropriate level of event privacy.

In short, there are three levels of event visibility in FocusBLUE:

  • PUBLIC: All event details are displayed
  • PRIVATE: Only event title, description, sponsoring organization, date, and time are displayed. Event location is kept hidden.
  • HIDDEN: Events whose title, description, sponsoring organization, or date are restricted in the original announcement are completely excluded from and not displayed in FocusBLUE

Privacy Policy